Introducing the
Charlotte Metro Pickleball Ladder!

Inaugural Session
Starting with Mixed Doubles
May 10th - June 4th

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Scroll for more info about the Final Four showdown and our awesome prizes we are awarding to our inaugural winners!

Do you have what it takes to make the Final Four?

The Top 4 Teams at the end of each session will battle it out in a round-robin format for the ultimate grand prize and the Gold medal! We are working now to secure some food/beer trucks and a centralized location for the final match for all to enjoy!


Grand Prize - Wilson Clash 100

The overall winner takes home a brand new Roger Federer preferred Wilson Clash 100.



Medals Awarded

The top three men and top three women will all be awarded medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) based on the results of the Round Robin Finale.



$50 Gift Card

The player with the overall best winning percentage of Total Games Won / Total Games Played (min 8 matches played) will receive a $50 gift card from Tennis Warehouse.


How it works

Introducing the QC Doubles Ladder - Whether you have just recently started playing tennis or have been playing in an established ladder/league for years, the brand new QC Doubles Ladder will bring competition and flexibility to your tennis routine with several unique dynamics including a social doubles ladder that allows you to play with a different partner and opponent(s) each time you go out!

Download the TennisRungs mobile app

Propose & Play

You set the time, date, and location of when you want to play. Set-up a doubles match, the system will then alert the other players and anyone can accept to be your partner or opponent.


Mobile App

A mobile app that makes scheduling and scoring as easy as one, two, three. Organize your own matches based on your schedule, play the match, and record your scores directly into the app as soon as your match is finished.

Real-time Rankings

The more you play, the higher your ranking. In the new QC Doubles Ladder, you earn points for playing a match, for winning a set, and going three sets. The key is the more you play, the quicker you earn points and move up the ranking.


Ladder Ambassadors
Tim & Ashley Owens

Tim & Ashley Owens created the TennisRungs Ladder Platform back in 2009 and has seen its popularity soar worldwide over the past 10+ years. TennisRungs is a Charlotte-based software company looking to put its footprint down in its very own city and surrounding areas.

TennisRungs is now the backbone ladder platform for the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, the Delray Beach Tennis Ladder, the LA Tennis Ladder, and over 500+ other ladders in over 19 countries.

Tim & Ashley also founded CourtReserve, a club management platform specifically for racquet sports in 2015 that is currently in use all across Charlotte including Weddington Racquet & Swim, Russell Tennis Center, and the Palisades.


What Makes Us Different?

We know Charlotte Area tennis players have many different options to play in leagues, other ladders, and intraclub matches.  So why join the QC Doubles Ladder?

  • Our ladders will focus on the SOCIAL aspect of tennis.  Who wants to play with the same partner over and over? The great thing about this sport is meeting new players. All of our ladders allow you to play in a doubles format with a different partner and set of opponents each and every match!
  • Our ladder program is based on mobile-first technology. Use our mobile app to quickly receive text alerts of new match proposals, accept proposals, report scores, and more! No more out-of-date and antiquated websites to navigate.
  • Real-Time rankings.  Gone are the days of rankings coming out once per week.  Get points as soon as match results are recorded.
  • One account forever.  No more recreating a new account each and every season you wish to play. Coming soon will be stats, graphs, and more so you can track your progress.


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Instructions & FAQ

  • 1 Click the Register button above then download the TennisRungs app and you are all set to go.
  • 2 Join the Ladder(s) you are interested in playing in. There are no limits to how many you can join.
  • 3 Once a player accepts your challenge, you will receive an email with your opponents's contact info.
  • 4 With the mobile app, it's easy to report scores!
  • 5 Propose or Accept another match.

For more information about the rules, see the RULES section on your dashboard.