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USTA Atlanta

TennisRungs is super excited to partner with the USTA to bring social and competitive tennis ladders to metro Atlanta.

A non-profit organization founded in 1980, the mission of USTA Atlanta (The Atlanta Community Tennis Association) is to promote and develop the growth of tennis in metro Atlanta.  USTA Atlanta oversees the largest USTA Leagues and USTA Jr. Team Tennis league programs in the country. 

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Ladder Ambassador
Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton is the Programs Coordinator for USTA Atlanta. Chris plays 5.0 league tennis, considers himself a "numbers guy" and spends a lot of time with his mini dachshund when he's not on a tennis court or golf course!

Spring 2021 Ladders (starts 2/15/21)

Men's Singles
Women's Singles

Ladders will be divided into flights before the season begins.

Upcoming Ladders

Men's & Women's Singles - Summer (May 3rd - July 4th)
Men's & Women's Singles - Fall (Aug 2nd - Sept 26th)
Men's & Women's Singles - Winter (Oct 18th - Dec 12th)

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